Everyone knows I am a Jeff Gordon fan to the nth degree. Seeing as how this was my first ever NASCAR race where I wasn't actually working to earn my Media Credential passes and Jim was coming with me to the race for his first time ever, I actually had the opportunity to show my driver colors. So I sported a brand new Hendrick Motor Sports Jeff Gordon hoodie, to not only sport my colors but to keep me warm because it was quite chilly up in the DFW Metroplex over the weekend. 
I wanted Jim to get the most out of his first time, so I enrolled us in the Race Day University sponsored by Coca Cola. It was the perfect way for him to see some top notch personalities up close and personal, like Corpus Christi's very own Bobby LaBonte, ESPN Star Marty Smith, Indy sensation and Go Daddy Girl Danica Patrick and reigning Sprint Cup Champ Tony Stewart. The first two guests were awesome! I let Bobby know he had fans from CC on the front row and I also got to take a pic with Marty Smith who I admire greatly. Danica was nice and friendly and funny too. 
Let me backtrack a little bit before I continue with the next guest. 
It seems like Tony Stewart and I have a love/hate relationship. He either hates me or he loves me because ever since the first NASCAR race I ever covered he has been indignant or snarky towards me. He was either sneering at me when I was photographing him or he outright would tell me "No" if I asked him anything and walk away. I know he hates the media, but what the hell did I do to him to make him act like that towards me? It is well known that he greatly dislikes the media, which is why what happened on Sunday is so bizarre. I have stated before that maybe I look like someone he knows, knew, hates, broke his heart.... and remind him of that person.
Before our event started, we made friends with all the other fans at our table, Gordon, Patrick and Busch fans. I told them about my love/hate relationship with Mr. Stewart and we had a good laugh. 
Jim had just walked over to the buffet line to get our plates when Tony walked onto the stage with his glasses on and before he even sat down he pointed me out on the front row and called me out for wearing a Pepsi driver's colors, namely Jeff Gordon's. I have it on freaking video because I was shooting his entrance on my camera. I only stopped rolling the video to clap for him, not realizing what was about to happen. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was saying but he kept on talking to me, it was at the point that everyone at my table and all the media cameras turned to me that I responded to his attention. I asked in total shocked amazement "Are you talking to me?"  And so the embarrassment ensued. 
He called me out so point blank. I was mortified. I got hot and and nervous—and that is NOT me! He kept on and on about my colors and driver, finally he addressed a question from the interviewer who deflected the assault somewhat and I left my table to go hang with Jim in the buffet line.
Jim asked me who TS was giving he'll? IT WAS ME!!!  
That was not going to be the last time though. A little later into the show he started in on me again. I told him that my son was a huge fan and absolutely loved him and he said that my son was smarter than I was. After some back and forth, I though maybe he'd let up on me if I told him I loved him too (not really, just trying to appease him) and he says in his snarky-est TS voice "Yeah, whatever!" And then attacked my JG sweatshirt! SO I TOOK IT OFF!!! 
Then he says, "Hey, you're hot, now you're really hot!" LOL! 
Despite the humiliation, it was a VERY MEMORABLE race weekend Smoke. My new friends at my table definitely think you REALLY REALLY like me! I'll never forget it. Thanks.